Draft laws7499 – Create a lobby register

November 20, 20190
Number Author Committee More details
7499 Sven CLEMENT Rules & Regulations chd.lu

The Pirate Party always fights for more transparency and accountability when it comes to public office. The draft proposal 7499 aiming to create a register of lobbyists in the Luxembourg Parliament is a logical step in that direction.

Sven proposed the text on November 20th, 2019 and it has been accepted and sent to the Rules and Regulation Committee.

The text aims at creating a register where every lobbyist talking to or trying to influence a national member of parliament would need to register and keep some basic transparency data updated.

While the text would not prohibit lobbying it would make it more transparent and help citizens better understand who was trying to influence which proposed laws. In Sven’s opinion an important step in the right direction.

As with most proposals it currently sits in the committee waiting to be discussed.


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