Draft laws7509 – Reform of political party financing

December 19, 20190
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7509 Marc BAUM, Eugène BERGER, Alex BODRY, Sven CLEMENT, Gast GYBERIEN, Léon GLODEN, Josée LORSCHE Constitution chd.lu

The Committee on Institutions and Constitutional Reform drafted a law to reform the current system of financing the political parties with the goal to achieve more transparency and accountability while regulating certain types of campaigns observed over the last election cycle.

It would also increase funding for the political parties as the amounts hadn’t been updated in 13 years. The text is a cross-party compromise and supported by all the parties in parliament. It is an example of how reaching across the aisle can produce results.

As a member of the committee, Sven co-signed the draft law proposal with the number 7509 which has been accepted and sent back to the committee on January 21st, 2020.


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