TransparencyFinancial disclosure

In 2014 I created a company together with my long-term ally and friend Jerry Weyer. That company Clement & Weyer Consulting SARL is still the main structure I’m personally invested in.

For the last years we decided to defer most of our income to take participations in projects we are interested in and as such our company is currently a stakeholder in four different companies. This decision also explains the low professional revenue I took from the company over the last years as we decided to use money and sweat equity to build products that help citizens and small businesses alike.

My current revenue could be deduced from reading the law and my financial declarations on the parliament website, but in favour of full transparency you can find my listing here below for the year 2019. In accordance with parliament rules I will provide the taxable income. The gross amount is obviously higher, but with revenue also come expenses and the amount here is the amount I declare on my tax returns for 2019.

Source Amount
Clement & Weyer Consulting SARLx 17.191,17 €[1]
Congé politique – Chambre des Députés 16.803,05 €[2]
Indemnité Chambre des Députés 53.080,93 €[3]
TOTAL : 87.075,15 €

[1] Social Security contributions (25%) have been deducted
[2] Expenses and Social Security contributions (25%) have been deducted
[3] Social Security contributions (12,50%) have been deducted

Given that Clement & Weyer Consulting SARL is a shareholder in multiple companies I believe it necessary to also provide the public with our corporate structure.

Sven Clement
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